About Us

Who are we?

Top Wooden Toys is a family run business. We’ve been making and selling traditional wooden toys for the last 17 years. Our entire range of handcrafted products is designed and made in Poland by my family; I run the business side of things in the UK. We are proudly independent and committed to offering our customers an alternative to plastic, mass-produced, battery-operated toys.

Why wooden toys?

As a father of two young children, I am passionate about encouraging them to use their imagination to play, rather than sitting in front of the television. The simplicity of our designs inspires children to create make-believe scenarios – there are no buttons to push, flashing lights or screens to stare at. Children need to manually push, pull, turn or connect the parts of the wooden toy.

Our traditional range of toys are loved by all age ranges – including grown ups!

Closer to nature

Wooden toys have a natural beauty that synthetic, or plastic toys, simply cannot compare to. We make our handcrafted toys from beech, cherry, walnut and mahogany, the colours vary, but this is the beauty of wood. Instead of touching shiny plastic, your child is able to explore the various bumps, grains and textures of the wood.

There is far less impact on the environment. Plastic toys tend to get broken, chucked away and end up in landfill sites (taking hundreds of years to degrade). Wooden toys can last generations and are able to withstand a child’s not-so-gentle touch.


We don’t use paint or wax (our wooden animals are treated with natural linseed oil) and we use recyclable packaging. There is no danger of swallowing a battery or small pieces of plastic. Our toys bare the ‘CE’ mark and comply with EN-71 (verification our products meet EU health, safety and environmental requirements).